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Celebrating Four Generations of Family-Owned Business

Coffee Farmers CoOp (CFC) proudly continues over 110 years of the unbroken tradition of maintaining a family-owned business.

Dear Visitor,

CFC was founded on the desire to merge business with humanitarianism. Operating as a division of Michigan Trading Company (MTC), CFC, in partnership with Bahsoon Brothers Coffee, began by trading coffee in West Africa for both local and European consumption.

In 1995, I traveled to Sierra Leone, a country abundant in natural resources and beauty, home to wonderful people and great potential, yet shadowed by economic depression and political instability. During that week of travel, it was determined that CFC's growth and expansion would be established upon the standard of purchasing coffee direct from the coffee farmers and their cooperatives.

Upon my return to the United States, I began to focus on importing and assisted in the development of our West African Wake-Up! brand, as well as new partnerships with COOCAFE R.L., Coopesanta Elena R.L., and Saco de Café S.A. in Costa Rica, all of which allow CFC to maintain our purchasing standard.

Although CFC now operates independently of MTC, we continue to maintain a strong partnership. Having survived five governments, a civil war, and four armed and violent struggles over the occupation of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, CFC has, alongside MTC, earned the trust of the Sierra Leone people and a reputation of stability in a turbulent region. As CFC continues to develop our coffee offerings, services, and partnerships, we promise to maintain our standard of purchasing direct from the coffee farmers and their cooperatives.

Please let me take this opportunity to officially welcome you to our site. I invite you to discover and learn more about Our Coffees.