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Treat yourself to the true Taste of Originality!

Each coffee is available Whole Bean or Universal Grind and is delivered fresh in a premium foil-lined package to preserve its unique defining original characteristics.

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FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED: CFC is pleased to offer a variety of Fair Trade Certified coffees, each of which has been certified by TransFair USA, an independent non-profit organization that monitors and certifies Fair Trade products in the United States. Fair Trade raises incomes and living standards for small coffee farmers overseas while helping to protect the environment. Fair Trade doesn't provide aid or charity, but instead promotes self-reliance and equality for farmers who are disadvantaged under present trading conditions. Fair Trade practices include:

  • Paying farming families a fair price for their harvests to provide them with a decent, living wage.
  • Helping small farmers gain access to needed loans for working capital.
  • Establishing direct, long-term trading relationships between buyers and farmers.

Coffee Farmers CoOp Original Blend

Drink from the Bean!

After copious hours of tasting and countless cups of coffee, we feel that our Coffee Farmers CoOp Original Blend is the best 'house blend' available. Each sip tantalizes your taste buds with an addicting fusion of original coffee textures and flavors. Whether dressed up or dressed down, Coffee Farmers CoOp Original Blend yields a brilliantly balanced cup of coffee. Dark Roast.

CFC recommendation: Reduce the chaos and balance a hectic life with this perfect 'anytime' coffee-rousing in the morning, rejuvenating in the afternoon.

Monteverde CloudForest Café (FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED)

Keep your head in the Clouds!

Straddle the Continental Divide and experience the wonders of the renowned Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica, an area acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife refuges in the New World Tropics. Brought to you direct from the local farmers of Coopesanta Elena R.L., a cooperative of small coffee farmers dedicated to producing high quality coffee in an environmentally friendly manner and member of COOCAFE R.L. The rich volcanic soil and unique micro-climate of Monteverde provide ideal conditions for growing this exquisite coffee, while maintaining and contributing to its original fierce aroma and fruity undertones. Both the Monteverde coffee producer and the conscientious consumer play an important role in the conservation and preservation of nature, as well as the welfare of the neighboring Cloud Forest community. Dark Roast.

CFC recommendation: Guaranteed to elevate you to new heights and prompt extreme 'oohs' and 'aahs' from those within the aroma radius, prepare with care and revel in the success that this coffee adds to any gathering.

Monteverde Sanctuary Café (FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED)

It's for the Birds!

Grown where the birds vacation. The sweet notes of this remarkable coffee are brought to you direct from the local farmers who are positioned in the unique microcosm of protected forest areas of Monteverde at altitudes 1,000+ meters above sea level. Organized in a cooperative, Coopesanta Elena R.L., which is a member of COOCAFE R.L., the farmers are very proud of their environmentally friendly methods of production and voluntarily restrict the use of pesticides. Every measure is taken to preserve each bean's original, distinct characteristics through protecting the area in which this excellent coffee is grown. Each purchase helps maintain your chirping friends' winter playground in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Light Roast.

CFC Recommendation: Discover your own sanctuary with the sweet notes wafting from each cup. Warning: This may involve an elaborate escape plan and the dodging of friends, neighbors and children, but we assure you that it is worth it!

West African Wake-Up!

Give your 'SNOOZE' a rest...

Brought to you direct from the coffee farmers of Sierra Leone, enjoy the unique original flavor known exclusively for decades by the local populace and adventurous traders of West Africa. With each sip of this intense full-bodied coffee, dare to discover a region unknown to tourists, blessed with boundless physical beauty and seemingly unlimited natural resources, often embroiled in political unrest and entangled in deals of illicit gold and diamonds. Dark Roast.

CFC recommendation: For those who run the gauntlet of alarm clocks, incorporate this coffee into your everyday wake-up routine!

West African Wind-Down

Sip the Sunset...

Serving as Nature’s daily wind-down, the sunset creates a soft-hued blanket of the sky. Gone are the glaring stresses of day. Inspired are the expansive qualities of night. With each sip of this original ˝ Caf blend, you’ll imbibe the incomparable taste of a West African sunset. Brought to you direct from the coffee farmers of Sierra Leone, each cup will assist you in experiencing a natural wonder while simultaneously prolonging the warmth of the fading rays. ˝ Caf, ˝ Decaf.

CFC recommendation: For those who prefer less caffeine, this ˝ Caf blend offers a superb accompaniment to each day’s sunrise, too!