The Coffee Farmers Co-Op in new and improved for 2017 you can see the updated version of our site live now at

CFC Standard: CFC purchases all coffee direct from the farmers and their cooperatives. There are no middlemen.

CFC Mission: From our coffee cherries to your coffee cup, CFC is dedicated to providing you with the true taste of originality, offering unique coffee varieties from around the world.

CFC Service: Due to our direct purchasing relationship with the farmers and their cooperatives, CFC is able to guarantee not only a reasonable price for the farmer and our consumer, but also the premium quality and care necessary for a consistent, amazing cup of coffee.

Whether you are in search of a stimulating new flavor for your office/restaurant/hotel, or you are visiting us as a wholesaler, retailer, or individual coffee connoisseur, CFC is pleased to help you meet all of your coffee needs. We offer coffee for both individual and commercial consumption, as well as private branding, roasting, grinding and packaging to your specifications.